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For 3 years now, Obsimo has been developing a bright electronic world in which he mixes vehement voices, haunting synthesizers and airy guitars. His music plunges us into a dream world where we feel really tangible energy and power through its dance/electro rhythms. Obsimo manages to stop time and carry us away onto an incredible journey.

"ADDICTION points to a part of society which is tragically lost in the turbulence of addiction, going from a steroid freak in search of physical recognition (Biceps) to a retired woman spending her days and savings in casinos (777), including young people lost in the maze of unreal sex (Kama). All these stories are portrayed without judgment, only the sadness of the characters filters through the songs.
But Obsimo knows how to confuse his listeners and has no reservations when wrapping the nostalgic and romantic aspect of his music in an electronic arrangement of violent sweetness. A good storyteller, he doesn’t forget to inject a pervasive layer of hope through the brightness of his synthesisers, his heavenly voice and his haunting guitar, reminding us that, even in total distress, it’s not utopian to want to pull yourself out of it, even if you can’t really do it."

Regarding on the visual world of ADDICTION, Obsimo worked with visual artist Polygon1993 who created the different artworks, as well as the digital making of the Addiction video clip – directed by Antoine Bal (A$AP Rocky, MadeinTYO…) and produced by SHLO Music and Carnibird.